The Secrets of Eternus

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Eternus is the first in a series of young adult fiction books that will take the reader on a vivid ride through out some of the most intense moments of human history,. (Bubonic Plague, Middle Ages in Italy, Atlanta burning in America to name a few.)

Travel with Rhiannon as she experiences her own deaths and lives. The hardships and the trials that she endures each time is unconscionable  and of no fault of her own. With every life, Rhiannon is borne fresh and innocent. That is the reason Rhiannon is the

…funnest form of sport.

Hunted in each of her lives, Rhiannon’s mind holds the key to her demise. It may be seen as a blessing that she is able to live some of her years in complete bliss–estranged from the nightmares, the memories of past lives.

Once the hunt starts, there is no escape for the simple, frail human creature.

Follow Rhiannon as she embarks on her life in present day. Learn how her mind unfolds the details of the past. Enjoy her very personable qualities and become her friend. She will teach you a great deal about yourself and what it is to be thankful you wake up everyday.


For a read like a ride on a rollercoaster, with provoking twists and exhilarating ups and downs, Eternus is the ticket. Like all good reads and rides, you’ll be sad when it is over.

Current culture hosts a plethora of vampire genres. However, Eternus is not typical nor solely about vampires and offers a unique perspective on age-old issues for teens and young adults to ponder.

Eternus provides perspectives on the possibilities of eternal love, the power of good and evil, and the consequence of personal decisions, all great issues for teens and young adults.

 Judy Gabert, MA; M.Ed


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