Got Snow?

I can’t wait for the snow! At least it will make the freezing cold weather a little more worth it.

Now when I walk outside a freezer full of ice cubes plummet down my throat. It would not be so bad with the white fluff flying. The white flakes flinging. The snow angels twirling–not to mention the skiing.

The ski season is slow to come and the skiers are looking to the hills with longing in their eyes and memories in their hearts.

Soon, friends, soon.


Dec 10 Author Signing

Great success.

I love letting people know about Rhiannon. She is so witty and fun. Readers are excited to break into the chapters and devour the words.

Feedback has been great!

Dec 10 signing was fantastic! There with some of my fellow authors, we shared a great day, wonderful people and chocolate cake!

Cant wait for the next one!

Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Author Signing

Great Success!

Over $2000 was raised for Agape Assistance over the three days in the local theaters. Agape assists homeless children and families get off the streets and into homes. What a great way to help our neighbors have warmth and health.

Thank you all for purchasing rings and books, or even just for making a donation. All donations made their way to CHANCE foundation for housing.

Eternus Author Signing

Eternus Author Signing

Edwards 21 cinema in Boise on November 17, 4-12 in conjunction with the Twilight, Breaking Dawn movie.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Eternus will be donated to Agape Assistance, assisting homeless children and families in our area. For a $3 or more donation, a mood ring will be given, while supplies last.

Edwards cinema in Nampa (Garrity exit) November 18, 12-9 in conjunction with Twilight, Breaking Dawn movie. Donations will be made to Agape Assistance. Red Cross blood drive will be proceeding from 12-4. Mood rings will be available for a donation, while supplies last.




Eternus Excerpt-Cliff Hanger

This is a short excerpt from Eternus, Book 1. I hope you enjoy! 

Eternus on Kindle

For hours I sat there, holding on, trying not to slip forward with the natural slope of the rock. The muscles in my back, arms, and legs had grown weak with the continuous straining to hold onto my precarious perch. The wet clothing, slightly warmed from my body temperature, now started to feel like the cold water in which I had recently been submerged. My body tired and my mind numbed—I wanted only to sleep and have this nightmare disappear into calming dreams. But now, as the sun disappeared, tears of defeat wet my slightly dry shirt.

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Author Kimberli Reynolds

About Eternus

Eternus begins with an average American girl. She is determined to make it through her day with as little attention drawn to her as possible. Rhiannon begins to think she is loosing her mind when dreams and nightmares of a vivid nature haunt her. Her quiet, anonymous world unravels around her as she learns her soul has been repeating since 800 A.D. She tries to avoid the truth but is forced to face reality when her stalker discovers her existence-again. His sole sport is to hunt her and kill her each time she returns.

Who or what inspires your writing?

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